Providing Software to Control and Guide Your Manufacturing Processes

Founded in 1980, Infinite Functions has been an IT provider for well over 30 years and is a supplier of shop floor software solutions for manufacturing and logistics including

  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Finite Capacity Scheduling (FCS)
  • data acquisition
  • Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)

In the late 90s Infinite Functions was an early adopter of Cloud Architecture. IF recognized that by switching from a client side approach to one utilizing web based technologies, our flagship applicationĀ Floormationcould not only be delivered via the ASP model, but help lower the support costs for clients who wanted it installed at their location. This “View Anywhere, Run Everywhere” approach has proven a successful model resulting in partnerships with many Tier 1 manufacturing and logistic companies in Europe and the United States, such as

  • Hewlett Packard
  • Kuhne & Nagel
  • Alcatel
  • FM Logistics
  • Logistics Group International
  • DHL

It also allowed for the development of User Friendly solutions with the Lowest Cost and Highest Flexibility. By flexibility, we mean we can provide the power of our software to anyone: see for yourself.

Through the development of Floormation and our respecting and responding to our customers needs, we have developed the expertise needed to provide custom software design as well as technical support and systems consulting services. Some of our services include

  • Web applications for data input and presentation utilizing C, C++, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Java and Apache
  • System Administration covering many flavors of Unix,Linux, Microsoft Windows and Network Infrastructures
  • Database Design and Administration of distributed and disparate databases such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySql and SQL Server
  • Custom software such as Client Side Application Controls, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) Applications, Mobile Client Applications and Android Applications

Infinite Functions’ Floormation software is the choice when one or more of the following is the company’s primary concern: implementation success, flexibility in matching your processes, or low cost of entry.

  • Floormation– Manufacturing, Warehousing, FCS, MRP
  • Relations– How we can help you
  • Floormation Features
    • MES– Manufacturing Execution with millions of units experience
    • WMS– Warehouse Management System
    • FCS– Finite Capacity Scheduling
    • MRP– Material Requirements Planning
    • EDI– Electronic Data Interchange
    • Demo – Fully functional and on-line

Floormation is a complex and powerful product, and Infinite Functions is a company with considerable experience implementing it. We believe that Floormation can help businesses, from small to huge, in a variety of ways. In order to better understand how Floormation and Infinite Functions can help you, look at our suggested relationship models. We will be able to meet your needs whether you are running a single, small facility or a multinational manufacturing enterprise.

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